And so it begins... starting an online designer clothes store for Australian children


Here’s how it works. Or not, as the case may be, but let’s hope it’s the former. 

You see, this is a bit of an experiment for me.  Apart from the student job in a stationery store many years ago, I have very little experience in retail. And apart from being a consumer myself, I had no pre-existing relationships with suppliers. While I do have experience in marketing, very little of what I have done in the world of professional services (lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc) is directly relevant here.  I’ve never had a website before, nor a blog and my social media presence has mostly been limited to being an Enthusiastic Liker of Things rather than starting or contributing to meaningful discussions. To put it simply, I have absolutely no credentials for this whatsoever and am largely winging it.

So, it’s an experiment. And I’m out of my comfort zone.  But it’s a large part of why I’m so far having fun!  Already, there are definitely things I would have done differently (ah hindsight, there you are!), but as they say, it’s all good experience and hopefully I can apply those lessons in future seasons. 

But because this is my first season, I feel I should give people a bit of fair warning…  

I am pretty excited to be showcasing some amazing brands.  Over the coming posts, I will be introducing you to them and also to some of the designers.  They are all pretty special and I believe add something to the children’s clothing space that I think is hard to come by in Australia. 

For many of the European brands, you won’t currently find them at any other Australian retailer.  But fair warning... if you like something, you’d better get in quick! Because they’re sourced from Europe and their season is ahead of ours, once they are sold out, we won’t be replenishing our stock. Why not take a look now?

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